Green hydrogen could be vital to decarbonising Ireland

And ultimately Ireland can become an exporter of green H2

Germany’s ‘hydrogen diplomacy’ under fire in Ukraine

Baerbock focuses on imports of the massive amounts of renewable hydrogen

Green hydrogen seen cost competitive in 2 years – study

“Thanks to plummeting costs of renewables and rising costs of carbon”

Catalyst makes green hydrogen production more efficient

Georgia Tech’s research team uses hybrid materials for the electrocatalyst

Green hydrogen to become cheaper than grey within two years, says analyst

Economies of scale will reduce cost of electrolysers by more than 85% by 2030

Could a critical raw materials shortage derail massive green hydrogen growth?

This could drive up costs of electrolysers, says study

Chile seeking green hydrogen export corridor to Europe

To make Chile the world’s most competitive renewable energy exporter by 2030

NewHydrogen to cut green hydrogen costs by eliminating precious metals in electrolysers

Californian company hopes to support green H2 revolution

Why Africa is the new frontier for green hydrogen production

Morocco is positioning itself to become the New Saudi Arabia of Green Hydrogen

Shell asked Thyssenkrupp for 200-MW green H2 project in Rotterdam

Green electricity will be provided by the Hollandse Kust windpark

EasyJet will be first airline to use green hydrogen on commercial flights

Fuel cell technology on passenger flights as early as 2030

Study: Tech investment needed to drive ofshore wind-hydrogen market

H2 production using wind will become more commercially viable

Floating wind turbines can turn Scotland into a green industrial powerhouse

“It is time for innovation in the North Sea to lead the world once again”

Electrolyzer tech to produce hydrogen from seawater

Schaeffler wants to significantly reduce the costs of green hydrogen

Hidroelectrica plans 50MW green hydrogen plant on Danube river

It concerns a photovoltaic park with storage batteries on the island Ostrovu Mare

Chile has big plans for green hydrogen

Chile aims to transform self from fossil energy importer to renewable energy exporter

Namibia aiming to be a superpower in green hydrogen market

Southwest African nation has outsize potential for solar and wind energy production

Hydrogen cars ‘suitable’ for Saudi Arabia after test — Aramco

But at first the demand for blue ammonia and other low carbon H2 must appear

Green ships ahoy along vital corridors

Iron-ore dependent Fortescue Metals is staking a massive bet on green hydrogen

Green Hydrogen becomes popular in Europe

The ambitious goal of creating at least 5.4 million jobs for 24% of the EU energy demand

“By 2023 production of green hydrogen will cost less than diesel”

Increased product will make green H2 viable, says company Ohmium

Belgian researchers develop a solar panel that produces hydrogen

With 20 panels, a family should be able to be autonomous

The African nation aiming to be a hydrogen superpower

Proposed green H2 project in Namibia set to be “the third revolution of Lüderitz”

Germany commits $1B to supporting green hydrogen ventures abroad

To boost production of H2 in non-EU countries for import into the EU

Hydrogen Gas Cell VTOL DJ25 Wins CES Award

A flight time of 5,5 hours and a range of 500 km in a single flight

A renewable energy transition is on the horizon

At least $300bn to be invested globally in green hydrogen over the next decade

Green hydrogen project in Mallorca to kick off production in early 2022

The Lloseta plant expected to produce at least 300 tonnes of green H2 p/y

Power giant taps floating solar for India’s first green hydrogen storage project

Linking a floating solar array to a 240kW electrolyser

Turkey plans to export green hydrogen to Europe

Existing pipelines may be used to transfer the H2, or otherwise ammonia can be exported by ships

“We plan to reduce green hydrogen cost to $1 per kg by 2025 in India”

Ohmium: we will scale up our manufacturing operations to several gigawatt

“Green hydrogen fuel from waste water is technology of the future”

Indian minister: the power and water cost of producing it would be negligible

Spain to invest 6.9 bln euros in renewables, green hydrogen, energy storage

1.55 billion euros will be channelled into the development of green H2

RWE investigating floating offshore wind – green hydrogen combo

Possible pilot at the Pembroke Power Station site in Wales, the UK

Green hydrogen: Ireland’s big future fuel opportunity

Hydrogen’s role may be substantial, in particular in the transport sector

Green Hydrogen: Geothermal’s route to pseudo-commoditization

The synergies with geothermal and the potential in joint project development

The World Wants Green Hydrogen. Namibia Says It Can Deliver

This southern African nation is rich in wind and sun

Massive $15bn Desert Bloom green hydrogen project in Australia

Solar power to both source its own water and produce H2 through electrolysis

China’s solar giants make a bid to dominate hydrogen power

Top solar manufacturers are ramping up the production of electrolyzers

Korean-Dutch consortium fast-tracks Floater for 15+MW Wind Turbines

They have the foundation ready for commercial rollout in 2025

Green hydrogen could replace coal in steel production

Steel plant in Duisburg to test how green H2 could be used to reduce CO2

RWE to install hydrogen gas turbine

The plant, with an output of 34MW, could become operational in mid-2024

Siemens: an electrolyzer in every wind turbine

Rather than establishing a centralized electrolyzer plant at offshore wind farms

Lhyfe’s green hydrogen to power Deutsche Bahn trains

Lhyfe will install an electrolyser in the city of Tuebingen

H2Gate takes next step in realizing a European import chain for green hydrogen

Import of one million tons of green H2 via port of Amsterdam

Green Hydrogen: political instability weakens prospects for North Africa

Geopolitics and civil strife could stifle green hydrogen initiatives

Chinese energy company to build world’s largest green hydrogen plant

Production up to 20,000 tonnes of green H2 a year, to start next September

Clean Hydrogen Partnership

“Rather than personal mobility, the EU’s hydrogen strategy today focuses on the decarbonisation of heavy industries”

Iberdrola, H2 Green Steel plan mega green hydrogen plant

To power the production of iron used to make steel in Spain

“This is the time to invest in Europe’s leadership on hydrogen”

Opening keynote by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Beware the difference between ‘clean’ and ‘green’ hydrogen

‘Clean’ hydrogen does not necessarily mean it’s emissions-free

BP plans green hydrogen facility in UK as energy transition accelerates

BP wants to capture a 10% share of hydrogen markets over the next decade

Glasgow to be home to first-of-a-kind hydrogen storage project

A trailblazing H2 storage project gets £10 million UK government funding

The Green Hydrogen Catapult announces major expansion of green H2

45 GW of electrolyzers with secured financing in the next five years

COP26 makes clear that the world is ready for Green Hydrogen

Producers: “Supply won’t be the bottleneck this decade”

Port of Duisburg aims to grow green hydrogen economy

It is to house the new European headquarters for hydrogen solutions Plug Power

New tech could make hydrogen affordable, even for planes

Heliogen and Bloom Energy say they can bring its cost down with solar power-produced steam

The momentum in hydrogen continues to accelerate

Announced electrolysis capacity for 2030 has doubled this year

Shell, RWE create European green hydrogen partnership

Offshore wind power on gigawatt scale for the production of green H2 in north east England

Bloomberg practically doubling its previous estimate on green hydrogen

“Growth of up to 1,300 million tonnes by 2050 in stead of 700 tonnes”

Largest proposed green hydrogen production projects worldwide

A useful global overview of ambitious projects

Speech Kadri Simson at COP26

“We expect the price of green hydrogen to be competitive with fossil-based hydrogen”

Green light for a green hydrogen economy in Africa

Siemens Gamesa’s pioneering wind power technology

Green hydrogen and mines: an exciting combination

Both renewables, batteries and hydrogen, will work together

Shell teams up with Norsk Hydro to work on green hydrogen projects

The initial aim is to find opportunities for the production and supply of green H2

The 5 companies that are leading the hydrogen revolution in India

Prime Minister Modi flagged the launch of a National Hydrogen Mission

IRENA and World Economic Forum launch Green Hydrogen Toolbox

“These roadmaps are a pathway for making H2 a significant part of the future energy mix”

“Electrolysers do not consume much water”

Enapter: we need about 2.4 litres to generate enough H2 for a home for several days

Mississippi green hydrogen hub would be one of world’s largest

A $3 billion green hydrogen storage hub could begin commercial service by 2025

China to support decarbonisation of hard-to-abate industrial sectors

Green hydrogen might reach cost parity with grey hydrogen by 2030

Statkraft: ‘Green hydrogen key to hitting climate target’

Electrolyser costs have fallen by 60% over the last five years

First green hydrogen deal in Spanish tourism sector

Renewable hydrogen produced at the Lloseta plant in Mallorca

Consensus over hydrogen at COP26 could speed up the energy transition

After Glasgow, hopefully, hydrogen will have secured its place

Siemens: “Green hydrogen decarbonisation potential is huge”

Interview Manuel Kuehn, head of new energy business Middle East

Plans for ‘floating wind’ project with green hydrogen production

Comprising 20 floating offshore turbines with an output of 15 MW each

GAIL Ltd will build India’s largest green hydrogen-making plant

It said the plant planned is for 10MW capacity

JCB signs deal to import ‘green’ hydrogen from Australia to UK

A multibillion-pound deal to import hydrogen produced using renewable energy

Green Hydrogen could be at heart of sustainable shipping revolution

IRENA: H2 will supply backbone of decarbonization for shipping sector

German seaports seen as key sites for development and transport of green hydrogen

According to recent report by the German Maritime Center

Materials swap cuts cost of green hydrogen device

Aldo Gago developed stainless steel-based components to replace titanium ones

INEOS invests over €2 billion in green hydrogen production for Europe

The investment will produce plants in Norway, Germany and Belgium

American start-up unveils $3bn green hydrogen hub

110,000 tonnes of renewable H2 annually – 70,000 tonnes stored in underground salt caverns

ING publication: Hydrogen fueling the future

Hydrogen can deliver both power and heat and that’s what makes it a hot topic

South Africa eyes future as green hydrogen hub 

South Africa could take advantage of a worldwide market for green hydrogen worth $2.5 trillion by 2050

Siemens Energy CEO: still no commercial case for green hydrogen

“We need abundant renewable energy available to do this”

IRENA and IPHE strengthen green hydrogen partnership

A collaboration to strengthen production, transmission, storage, and use of green hydrogen

All you need to know about the hydrogen revolution in the Netherlands

EuroNews: Hydrogen could be the solution the country is looking for

“To stop global warming, green hydrogen should be used”

Fortescue chairman says blue H2 as a crossover is not a good argument

Creating the new hydrogen economy is a massive undertaking

“It is also a delicate one” – analysist in today’s Economist

The opportunity for rapid transition with Green Hydrogen

Increased investment in green hydrogen can drive down production costs

Italy wants to be the green hydrogen hub for Europe

Italy 2021 wants to make this year a landmark year for green H2 ambition

Namibia: a green hydrogen hub for Africa

Experts discuss the prospect for Namibia to become a green H2 hub on their continent

White House promotes promise of green hydrogen

Long-haul trucks, cargo ships, steel mills, cement plants: Biden believes green H2 is the solution

Norway poised to lead green hydrogen market

Few countries have a better head start than renewable energy leader, Norway.

Project in Queensland to double world’s green hydrogen production capacity

FFI will build largest green H2 manufacturing facility

EDP will construct a green hydrogen pilot plant in Pecém Industrial

Starting in December 2022, the Brasilian company will have a solar plant of 3 MW

Explaining why ‘green hydrogen’ is our best (maybe only) option

Thomas Koch Blank is senior principal of breakthrough technologies at RMI

“No green hydrogen boom without enough financial support”

Use Covid-recovery funds to stimulate renewable H2, says Iberdrola boss

“Our climate emergency requires huge amounts of green hydrogen”

Malcolm Turnbull, former prime minister of Australia, is against ‘blue’ hydrogen

How a new method to produce green hydrogen could help Indian industry

By blending green hydrogen with grey hydrogen to begin with

“Western Australia could lead the world on green hydrogen production”

Opinion Nick Deeks, Managing Director for WT’s Australian Business

Mining Billionaire Spearheads Global Green Hydrogen Push

Malcolm Turnbull targeting a 25% slice of the world energy market by 2050

Green hydrogen is particularly attractive for developing economies

Green H2 holds enormous promise for steel, shipping, aviation, and trucking

Curtin University finds a new, cheaper and more efficient electrocatalyst

A “gamechanger” that can accelerate the introduction of massive green H2 production

Plug Power to build largest green hydrogen production facility on the USA west coast

300 MW solar farm to power 120 MW of PEM electrolyzers

Skyrocketing energy, carbon prices already make green hydrogen competitive

Says Delgado Rigal, chief of energy forecasting service AleaSoft

German utilities are against narrow focus on green hydrogen

“Allow the use of hydrogen made with fossil fuel gas for a transitional period”

Italy plans to build three green hydrogen production plants for a combined capacity of 220 MW

Powered by a solar panels (PV)

‘Blue hydrogen will be needed because green H2 alone will not be able to meet demand’

According to Bloomberg NEF Michael Leibreich

World’s first eFuel plant in Chile to start production in mid-2022

Porsche and Siemens Energy have joined forces for an electrolyser capacity of 5 GW

A hydrogen refueling station with all the equipment in one container

Developed and to be distributed by the Spanish company H2B2

New Large-Scale Offshore Wind-to-Hydrogen Project Emerges in Denmark

H2 Energy Europe bought an 11-hectare site near Denmark for a 1 GW offshore windpark


Fossil fuel economy has ‘reached its limits’: European Commission

The Green Deal is our growth strategy, moving towards a decarbonised economy

Hyzon delivers first H2 powered 55-ton vehicle

To transport milk to FrieslandCampina, while refuelling hydrogen at the site of Holhausen BV

“Europe could save €2 trillion by 2050 with low-carbon hydrogen”

Deloitte says green hydrogen won’t be sufficient to meet all future hydrogen demand

New research points to cheaper green hydrogen by 2030

The cost of green H2 with solar PV could fall to $1.50 per kilogram as early as 2030

Huge offshore wind farm to power green hydrogen in Brazil

Plans for 1.2GW offshore wind farm to power hydrogen production in windy region

Unpacking Namibia’s green hydrogen revolution

Video: President Geingob pinpoints Namibia’s intention to invest in green hydrogen with a 5 GW project

Study: shipping green H2 from Iceland to Rotterdam to be realistic before 2030

The project could be technically feasible and financially attractive

Saudi Arabia offers Europe ‘green’ hydrogen by pipeline

Saudi minister: “We would be more than happy piping it all the way to somewhere in Europe”

New tool points to €1,3p/kg for green H2 by 2030

Modelling developed to identify regions of potential development of new hydrogen projects

A platinum-free bio catalyst for green hydrogen

Hydrogenases are enzymes that can catalyze the production of hydrogen from water and electricity

Arab economies jostle for position in $200 billion green hydrogen race

Egypt to invest up to $4 billion in electrolysis, powered by green energy

Shell starts up Europe’s largest PEM green hydrogen electrolyser

The electrolyser at the Rheinland to be upgraded from 10 MW to 100 MW

The Hague asks Gasunie to develop Dutch hydrogen network

Gasunie CEO Fennema : “It’s a milestone in the context of the energy transition”.

The world’s first flying hydrogen boat is a fact

The Hydro Motion. The first flying hydrogen boat in the world is a fact. The TU Delft team is super proud.

Kazakhstan plans massive complex for green hydrogen production

45 GW of wind and solar capacity that will produce 30 GW of green hydrogen

Mayor of London launches England’s first hydrogen double-decker buses

The 20 new buses are the first of their kind to be launched in England

IRENA predicts low cost H2

“Hydrogen could be produced for as little as USD 1.62/kg in Saudi Arabia, given current solar PV and onshore wind costs”

Howden signs green H2 agreement with Nel

An important step towards achieving Nel’s cost target of green hydrogen production at US$1.5/kg

Study: green hydrogen export from Iceland to Rotterdam feasible

In the second half of this decade and between 2 TWh and 4 TWh

Nel joins hydrogen initiative to support fossil-free steel production in Sweden

“This will be the first project in the world to heat steel with hydrogen prior to rolling”

The world’s first offshore green hydrogen plant

Powered by floating wind turbines and on track to go into operation in 2022 in France

“Woman on the Moon” proposed to Mark Rutte

Dutch prime minister is open to ambitious Urgenda climate plan on hydrogen, with mega offshore windturbines

Japanese tech to slash green hydrogen costs by two thirds

Eneos and Chiyoda look to cut costs of fuel to $3 per kilogram

Why hydrogen is the hottest thing in green energy

A big role for H2 in curbing industrial emissions and powering transport and mobility

The green hydrogen ecosystem for aviation, explained by Airbus

How investment is key to supporting widespread scale-up

Madrid to replace 1000 cabs with hydrogen fuel cell taxis by 2026

To be built with the H2 infrastructure including production

Green hydrogen export from Iceland planned by 2030

Green H2 – from hydroelectric, geothermal and wind energy – to be exported to Rotterdam

Morocco and IRENA partner to boost renewables and green hydrogen

The country aims to become a major green hydrogen producer and exporter

Waste-plastic-to-hydrogen facility planned in Scotland

The plant will be the second in the UK to use the pioneering technology from Powerhouse Energy Group

Plug Power to build green-hydrogen plant in Georgia

The plant will produce 15 tons per day of liquid green H2, produced using 100% renewable energy

Stanwell and Iwatani to develop 3GW renewable hydrogen facility

A 3GW grreen H2 facility for large-scale production in Australia

Siemens Gamesa: “Wind could produce affordable green hydrogen by 2030

H2 produced by wind as currently cheaply as fossil fuel energy

Nel says ‘green’ hydrogen could be as cheap as fossil alternative by 2025

Nel’s goal is to enable customers to produce green hydrogen at $1.5 per kilo

“We are ready to bring hydrogen to the industry”

Roy Campe (CMB.TECH) after opening hydrogen refuelling station for ships, cars, buses and trucks in Antwerp

‘From champagne to table water’: hydrogen sector aims for drastic price cuts

Interview with Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, secretary general of Hydrogen Europe

Green hydrogen is next big Irish export

Wind could present a big export opportunity for Ireland in the form of green hydrogen

Seawind: two-blades floating wind turbines making hydrogen

A silent revolution is taking place. Offshore wind is ready to move to deeper waters

Watch this HRS Interactive map

Truck hydrogen refuelling stations needed in Europe by 2025 and 2030, per country

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future – one that has arrived

Read this opinion from Dietmar Siersdorfer – managing director of Siemens Energy Middle East

Floating Wind Good, Floating Wind + Green Hydrogen Better

Cerulean Winds proposes a plan that will bring the natural gas industry to its knees

Study: green hydrogen in Australia approaching cost-competitiveness

This is the case for heavy trucking, buses and remote power

In Switserland McDonald’s deliveries are by hydrogen fuel cell trucks

The green electricity needed comes from hydropower stations

BP Solar enture eyes gigawatt-scale green hydrogen in Portugal

Lightsource has a 3.5GW Spain-Portugal pipeline for future H2 transport

The White Dragon project: replace Greece’s lignite plants with green hydrogen

Renewable electricity for green H2 production in Western Macedonia

Oman plans to build world’s largest green hydrogen plant

Construction scheduled to start in 2028, powered by 25 GW of wind and solar energy

In 2030 green hydrogen to fuel heavy trucks and buses

Bloomberg: “Approaching cost competitiveness for heavy trucking, buses and remote power”.

Hyundai plans to ship new series of hydrogen-powered trucks to Europe

Destination: “Germany and the Netherlands are the most likely,” (Euronews)

Australia starts piping hydrogen-blend into homes

AGIG plans to blend 5% green H2 into its gas network going to more than 700 homes in Adelaide

First-ever test with a 30% natural gas/hydrogen blend in steel forging

The test was held in Italy at the Forgiatura A. Vienna plant and successfully carried out

Dubai launches region’s ‘first industrial scale’ green hydrogen plant

“It’s going to FLY like solar and wind energy did in an earlier stage”

Orsted breaks ground on first green hydrogen plant

To produce around 1000kg of green H2 a day, used to fuel zero-emission road transport

Western Australia eyes massive 100GW of wind and solar for green H2 by 2030

These stunning numbers were cited in a speech by minister Alannah MacTiernan

Better green energy from Ukraine than grey from Russia

Put gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 ‘on hold’ and import green hydrogen from Ukraine

TwinWay: 2-turbine floater to spin offshore Norway

The aim is to show proof of concept for Hexicon’s floating wind foundation through a twin wind turbine

“Hydrogen gaining momentum in transport”

Fuel cells are a better option than battery electric vehicles for high utilization assets like delivery trucks

Platinum is the bottleneck – green hydrogen supply chain concerns

Platinum is scarce and accounts for around half the cost of a fuel cell stack

Dutch agree to subsidise Rotterdam carbon capture project with €2bn

“Porthos” will be the first large scale carbon capture project in the Netherlands

Saudis are about to develop a massive 4-gigawatt H2 plant called Helios

Helios will be entirely run by wind and solar energy – the hydrogen is to be exported

GDG to support floating green hydrogen project

The consultancy will include a pipeline, and mooring and anchoring systems for the floating turbine

ARENA announces $100m funding for large-scale hydrogen projects

Austrailan funding towards the development of three large-scale projects

Greek energy industry unites in EUR 2.5 billion green hydrogen project

The White Dragon leans on solar energy for the production of hydrogen.

Why green hydrogen is making waves and raking in huge investments

Joe Biden has earmarked around US$500 to fund a clean energy economy

WoodMac on Green H2: It’s going to happen faster than anyone expects

“The cost curve going to fall down even faster than wind, solar and lithium-ion”

“A Blue Hydrogen economy now will ease a transition to Green later”

Barthold Schroot (EBN) makes the case for blue hydrogen for the Netherlands

Gaussin presents a universal chassis for hydrogen trucks

They call it the “skateboard” for class 8 tractor and straight trucks

Floating offshore wind + Hydrogen production = Endless possibilities

Atlantic Ocean offers more energy than many dozens of nucleair plants together

The Hydrogen Act: the perfect action plan towards a hydrogen economy in EU

We interviewed Hydrogen Europe’s Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

“Gulf states should invest in low-cost green hydrogen supply chains”

Green hydrogen production costs are expected to fall sharply in the next decade

Latin America wants to be the Middle East of hydrogen

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia have all released strategies to develop their hydrogen industries

Green hydrogen from waste

The production process is energy self-sufficient and highly environmentally friendly, producing no hazardous by-products

Giant copper mines start to get serious about green hydrogen

Green H2 is seen as key to eliminating carbon emissions from the industrial sector

Air Liquide and Port of R’dam to foster H2-powered trucks and infrastructure

Enabling 1,000 hydrogen-powered zero-emission trucks on the roads by 2025

EU Makes a new bet on Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen to balance out volatile electricity generation from new renewable energy sources.

Green Hydrogen will reveal the economic potential of Ukraine

“H2 is a promising area of collaboration between Ukraine and Germany”

From blue to green: energy revolution has begun

Transport sector could make a start by installing small electrolysers in traditional fuelling stations

Axpo in Switzerland to produce H2 at 43.4-MW hydropower plant

The 2.5-MW facility will produce 350 tonnes of green hydrogen annually

A record-breaking commercial-scale hydrogen plane has taken off in the UK

The company expects to offer commercial H2 flights as early as 2023

Europe could operate 40,000 km of hydrogen pipelines by 2040

“It is economically feasible to use the existing gas infrastructure”

Sweden: green hydrogen storage in cavern

The 100-cubic-meter facility – 30 meters below ground – will begin storing green hydrogen next year

ScottishPower plans UK’s biggest green hydrogen plant in Glasgow

A 20 megawatt electrolyser next to UK’s largest onshore wind farm at Whitelee

Is the Middle East the key to Japan’s ‘hydrogen society’?

The Middle East is seen as a potential powerhouse for green and blue hydrogen production

50-fold expansion of green hydrogen in six years

The Green Hydrogen Catapult Initiative aims to cut the cost of green hydrogen to less than $2/kg

Everfuel to supply green hydrogen to unnamed shipping firm

It expects the first H2-powered vessel to operate in 2023, consuming 1 ton a day

Hydrogen Europe publishes the “Hydrogen Act”

It’s a framework aimed at harmonising and integrating all separate H2-related actions and legislations

Shell and Gasunie plan to build massive Dutch green hydrogen plant

The plant would ultimately be able to produce 800,000 tonnes of H2 by 2040

How Nova Scotia could become a hub for green hydrogen

The pipeline system installed in Nova Scotia could easily be used to distribute hydrogen

Groningen Airport aims to be the first hydrogen valley airport

The airport wants to produce green H2 on site and use it in both land and air operations

Village set to become first on UK public gas grid to use hydrogen

650 homes in Winlaton are set to be partially heated by hydrogen later this year

Fraunhofer developing a very rapid production line

The non-stop production plant is set to process fuel cell components in cycles lasting just seconds

The global race to develop ‘green’ hydrogen

Farruggio, co-founder of Sustainable Energy Research Analytics: “We are referring to this as the Hydrogen Wars”

British Airways invests in ZeroAvia for development of zero emissions aircraft

It concerns a 50+ seater aircraft capable of running on hydrogen-electric power

Ørsted unveils plan for GW-scale North Sea green hydrogen plant

The plan includes an H2 production facility of 1 GW, to be developed by 2030

Baxi and Worcester Bosch provide hydrogen boilers for public showcase

“We are proud to be a part of another ground-breaking hydrogen heating project”

Energio mini-fuel cell delivers maximum performance

They can an be used for drones, weather stations and even campsites

Offshore wind could power Scottish green hydrogen revolution

Floating offshore windfarms could make Scotland a major player in the H2 economy

Big plans for green H2 production plant in Chile

Producing 750,000 litres of eFuels by 2022, increased to about 55 million by 2024, and 550 million by 2026

Africa hosts considerable potential for green H2

This continent has an abundance of renewable energy resources, minerals, space and a young population

Siemens Energy targets $1.50/kg renewable hydrogen cost by 2025

Based on a 100 MW electrolysis system running for 6,000 hours a year

BP plans UK’s largest hydrogen project

Producing up to 1GW of ‘blue’ hydrogen by 2030 – 20% of the UK’s hydrogen target

Everfuel: plan for Norwegian hydrogen fueling network

Up to 15 fueling sites for transport of goods and people operational by end of 2023

Yara is pursuing Europe’s first large-scale green ammonia project in Norway

Opportunities within shipping, agriculture, and industrial applications

Are the offshore winds of change coming to the Black Sea too ?

It has 453 GW wind potential – 269 GW for bottom-fixed and 166 GW for floating

Morocco launches Green Hydrogen Cluster

Morocco could become a leader in the production of green hydrogen, officials at the event said.

Green hydrogen can compete with fossil fuels within 5 years

Marco Alverà, CEO at SNAM, discusses the Italian’s company’s plans

Storing green hydrogen in LOHC begins in Germany

The uptake is 57 kg of H2 per cubic meter LOHC, which remains liquid between -39 to +390 ˚C

H2Gate: towards 1 mil. ton of green H2 transhipment in Amsterdam port

Plan to import large volumes of green hydrogen into A’dam port

Morocco could produce up to 4% of world’s Green Hydrogen by 2030

German Ministry of Economic Development: “future export opportunities to Germany”

Bill Gates supports Green Hydrogen Startup with $ 22 million

H2Pro believes that its technology will only lose about 5% efficiency at scale

Linde to supply world’s first H2-powered ferry

Norled CEO: “We believe that hydrogen will play a significant role in the future of zero-emission ships”

Israeli startup joins race to make green hydrogen cheaper

H2Pro : green hydrogen for $1/kg by the second half of this decade

Study says: fossil fuels are wildly more expensive than previously thought

Renewables seem more appealing than ever

Noé van Hulst (chair IPHE): “Realizing a hydrogen backbone in Europe should be EU top priority

An existing plan of national operators can be put in action

Zero-emission fuels need to make up 5% of the fuel mix by 2030

Getting to Zero Coalition: “27% of total energy by 2036, and 93% by 2046”

SolarPower Europe lanches a new ‘workstream’ on renewable hydrogen

“Green hydrogen is the missing puzzle piece towards climate neutrality in the EU”

Renewable hydrogen “already cost competitive” in niche applications

Likely to match industrial-scale alternatives in about a decade

How Saudi Arabia plans to make the kingdom a green hydrogen hub

Saudi Arabia is building a $5 billion plant powered entirely by sun and wind

New factory could reduce green hydrogen costs by 20%

Haldor Topsoe to deliver electrolysers with a total capacity of 500 MW to 5 GW

Germany breaks ground on world’s largest green H2 storage facility

Hydrogenious is building an 1,800t/yr plant to store green hydrogen using liquid oils

“Future of shipping fuel is green hydrogen and ammonia”

Shipping companies say it can be produced in sufficient quantities

“UK’s hydrogen future could involve both blue and green pathways”

But we must get started, because they result in the same thing – the molecule

Bill Gates: cheap green H2 would be ‘huge deal’ in helping energy transition

He added that its so-called green premium will factor into its use

German steel giant wants to set up 500 MW green hydrogen plant

Thyssenkrupp is expected to be powered by a mix of wind and solar power

Saudi Arabia plans to export green hydrogen to Europe by pipeline

Gulf oil producers looking to diversify their energy sources.

Flying on liquid hydrogen: Delft students come up with ‘revolution in aviation’

They unveiled a prototype for flying on liquid hydrogen

New Swedish firm “H2 Green Steel” will make renewable steel by 2024

Powered by what they call ‘the world’s largest green hydrogen plant’

EU proposal to set up a Clean Hydrogen Partnership for Europe

10 new Partnerships and €10 billion for the green and digital transition

“Will Blue H2 Gas kill Tesla?”

New emission-free hydrogen manufacturing process can fuel a 300-mile trip

Massive Green Hydrogen Projects Are Underway

Bank of America: “We actually see a complete dive down of hydrogen production cost,”

The global race to produce hydrogen offshore

Dolphyn aims to fit 10MW floating wind turbines with desalination equipment

Green hydrogen production via 20 MW electrolyzer at Italian oil refinery

Input from renewables on the site of Saras oil refinery on Sardina

Hyzon to deliver 1,500 hydrogen fuel-cell powered heavy trucks to New Zealand

To be assembled at Hyzon’s facility in the Netherlands

Cement giants turn to green hydrogen + carbon capture

The effect of cement production amounted to roughly 8% of global CO2 emissions

EU hoping to bond the Hydrogen market to the Euro

The Euro should be the global standard currency for future hydrogen transactions

Denmark to construct artificial island as a green hydrogen hub

“A great moment for Denmark”” says Denmark’s climate minister Jørgensen

AW-Energy Oy: wave energy strategy for entry into green hydrogen market

“Wave energy holds the greatest constant-low-cost green hydrogen potential”

Paris airports could be transformed into H2 hubs

Airbus, Air France-KLM, Paris Region and Groupe ADP want to transform Paris airports into hydrogen hubs

Shell: Europe’s biggest oil firm sets out carbon neutral plans

Shell wants to expand its renewables, biofuels, and hydrogen businesses

The Port of Rotterdam is set to host a 100 MW electrolyzer from 2025

“This is where large amounts of renewable energy come together”

“Don’t rely on direct hydrogen use to decarbonise buildings”

Open letter from 33 parties to EU Frans Timmermans

A 7 MW offshore wind turbine to heat 300 homes

Customers will receive free H2 appliances to replace the existing equipment

Denmark will build artificial island to house wind energy hub

When built, the island will supply green hydrogen

Worldwide green hydrogen planned initiatives as big as a 72GW pipeline

Australia, Germany and Netherlands emerging as dominant

Fraunhofer: hydrogen paste as fuel of the future

The raw material for the paste is powdered magnesium, converted into magnesium hydride

Major manufacturer drops hydrogen trucks in favor of battery-electrics

Where will hydrogen fit in the clean transport mix? Not in trucking, says Scania

Morocco and Portugal sign agreement on Green Hydrogen cooperation

Morocco has implemented several measures in order to develop hydrogen

Imported blue hydrogen ‘cheaper than green’ in EU

Imported hydrogen will be cheaper than green hydrogen made in the EU in 2030, according to a new study

Green hydrogen demand in Europe: a 100GW+ opportunity for renewables

Between 300-800TWh would need to be fed into electrolysers by 2050

Belgian port lays out plans for massive imports of green hydrogen

PM de Croo : “H2 will play a decisive role in making our industry sustainable.”

Europe will be a leader in clean hydrogen solutions

SolarPower Europe’s CEO, Walburga Hemetsberger: “Hydrogen needs to be thought BIG”.

Toyota plans to expand production hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Designing lower-cost, mass-market passenger cars

Overview of the hydrogen power industry’s prospects in Ukraine

Research has revealed certain weaknesses of the Ukrainian gas network

Nel says ‘green’ hydrogen could be as cheap as fossil alternative by 2025

“Achieving this would allow green hydrogen to start to reach fossil parity”

Spain’s hydrogen strategy

Replacing a quarter of the 500,000 tonnes of grey H2 yearly consumed by industry with the renewably-sourced version

Hamburg Power Plant To Be Converted Into Mega-Electrolyser For Green Hydrogen

To be built on the site of former coal-fired power plant

Air Liquide investment to support renewable H2 production in France

40% stake acquisition in the capital of the French company H2V Normandy

Airbus Bets on Hydrogen to Deliver Zero-Emission Jets

The European planemaker has given itself five years to develop an aircraft that doesn’t pollute the sky

Green Hydrogen will play a key role in the energy transition

How green H2 from offshore wind can decarbonize the industry and transport sector

Hydro-Québec will operate one of the largest electrolyzers in the world

From hydro power to H2: ThyssenKrupp to install a 88 MW water electrolysis plant

An important key to more efficient production of H2

An ultra thin layer on the surface of an electrode doubles the amount of produced hydrogen

Analysis: price of green hydrogen will plump

Bloomberg finds that the price of producing hydrogen could fall dramatically in years to come

Demand for new ships collapses due to fuel uncertainty

Companies reluctant: options may turn into an expensive miscalculation

Siemens spin-offs to develop offshore wind turbines for H2 production

A €120 million investment – the gas will be transported by pipelines.

300 Scottish households to use zero carbon hydrogen for heating and cooking

A large offshore wind turbine will produce a five days-worth of hydrogen in tanks

Green hydrogen for isolated areas with hydrogen technology

A green hydrogen based storage system in the remote Greek village of Agkistro

Study finds strong market for hydrogen trains

FCH JU: “By 2030, one in five new trains in Europe could be powered by hydrogen,”

Cobalt may substitute platinum in fuel cells

Platinum it is very expensive, while other options such as transition metals quickly degrade

Saudi Arabia: From oil giant to green powerhouse?

530 million tons of hydrogen from solar potentially displacing 10 billion of barrels of oil by 2050

EWI : in next few years blue hydrogen will be more cost-effective than green

“Germany does not have an ideal starting position”

French startup looks to onshore wind for green hydrogen

Lhyfe plans to produce green hydrogen that will be used to run buses and trucks

Changwon City to introduce world’s first hydrogen-powered garbage truck

The truck has a range of 346 km on a tank of 25 kilograms

River Danube vital for green hydrogen produced in south-eastern Europe

Transported by push tugs to users in Austria and Germanyvia

Forbes: “The Green Hydrogen Revolution Is Now Underway”

Renewables and hydrogen are now the fastest growing energy-industry sectors

Scotland: wind, wave, and tidal power, to produce green hydrogen

According a policy statement the goal is 5GW by 2030 and 25GW by 2045

Australia banks on green hydrogen as fuel of the future

A push to develop a world-leading green hydrogen fuel industry

Dutch Foreign Affairs: Hydrogen is key to the energy transition

Publication RVO: “Europe must take ambitious lead in green hydrogen”

CNBC documentary: How green hydrogen could be key to a carbon-free future

H2 is a clean-burning molecule, that can help decarbonize many sectors

Airbus reveals radical design for detachable hydrogen fuel cell wing pods

They could propel aircraft on long-range flights with zero emissions

Five countries call for focus exclusively on renewable hydrogen

They object to EU’s latest hydrogen ‘manifesto’

HydrogenPro towards realizing 93% efficiency with alkaline electrolysers

Making green hydrogen fully competitive with hydrogen produced from fossil sources

“Green hydrogen made by offshore wind could be three times cheaper than nuclear”

Matthieu Guesne from Lhyfe about French hydrogen strategy (Argus Media)

Europe emerges as leader in hydrogen economy”

IHS Merkit in the context of the EU green recovery plan

Europe must double green hydrogen projects to hit target

EU officials told Reuters Events

Moscow tries to neutralise threat from Europe’s latest hydrogen push

Russia embracing hydrogen in an attempt to maintain Gazprom’s sales volumes

Hydrogen production to increase 5000% in 5 Years

After decades of stagnation and multiple false dawns, the hydrogen economy appears primed for a major takeoff.

Club of Rome: Green hydrogen production has to prevail over blue

“Scaling up green H2 must happen before widespread hydrogen expansion.”

Dr. Kirstin Westphal: The Emergence of a Hydrogen Economy

“A successful Energiewende needs green molecules”

Ann Mettler: “Clean hydrogen can become the oil of the future”

“Europe strong in discovery and invention, but less in deployment and scale ”

Green Flamingo: Portugal hopes to export green hydrogen to EU

1000 MW green gas from solar power would be shipped to the Netherlands


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