Village set to become first on UK public gas grid to use hydrogen

650 homes in Winlaton are set to be partially heated by hydrogen later this year

Baxi and Worcester Bosch provide hydrogen boilers for public showcase

“We are proud to be a part of another ground-breaking hydrogen heating project”

“Don’t rely on direct hydrogen use to decarbonise buildings”

Open letter from 33 parties to EU Frans Timmermans

A 7 MW offshore wind turbine to heat 300 homes

Customers will receive free H2 appliances to replace the existing equipment

‘Green hydrogen’ could be used to power Ireland’s islands

Green Hysland project aims to produce 300 tonnes of hydrogen per year

300 Scottish households to use zero carbon hydrogen for heating and cooking

A large offshore wind turbine will produce a five days-worth of hydrogen in tanks

Winlaton first UK village to use blended hydrogen for heating and cooking

This year: 670 homes and businesses part of pioneering energy pilot

The extensive Dutch gas network could make green hydrogen available to a large public

The Hydrogen Street can be seen on the TU Delft campus

The first houses running on hydrogen-burning boilers are being showcased

In specially built demonstration houses in Northumberland (UK)

H2 for heating homes and buildings

Homes and buildings need to become zero emission structures in the coming decades. There are significant opportunities for the deployment of hydrogen in the built environment. Today around 80% of the demand for heating is based on fossil fuels. Renewable or low-carbon hydrogen can be used to replace the current use of natural gas in buildings and hydrogen might also be used to replace the oil-fired boilers. 

Installing a heat grid or heat pumps with their own wells in the ground offers possibilities for many areas. But in small villages and older sections of cities, these options are very difficult and expensive. Here the natural gas grid is available. Therefore, it is worth examining whether green hydrogen could be delivered to homes and buildings in these areas through retrofitting the existing gas infrastructure.

If green hydrogen is supplied via such a retrofitted gas pipeline to homes, the burners in the boiler and stove will have to be changed, which is a relatively easy and cheap procedure.


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Recent years and months show a major shift towards the development of a hydrogen economy on all continents. In fact there’s so much going on in the sphere of policy making, industrial planning and knowledge exchange that the public needs an overview. What are the most important H2 related developments for industry, transport, mobility and the built environment? By producing regular newscasts we aim to offer such an overview for Europe.

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